Town Of Albion, Maine

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Town Officials

Mike Getchell (Chairperson) - 207-620-0075
Beverly Bradstreet - 207-437-4751
Kevin Bradstreet – 207-437-4010
Town Office Email

Town Clerk - Amanda Dow - 437-2900


Code Enforcement Officer

and Plumbing Inspector

Adam Bradstreet - 314-4126



Peter E. Nerber and Peter A. Nerber

     Cell - 505-0981

     Cell - 530-0948

      Home - 993-2225

Fire Chief

Andy Clark - 680-0138


Road Commissioner

Winston Higgins - 437-9273

Planning BoardChairman - Frank Siviski

For inclusion on the agenda:

Bill Gatti - Secretary

Appeals Board SecretaryLisa Fortin

Genealogy by Cindy Spaulding

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